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At Allstate Capital, we confidently provide transparent and flexible solutions to lenders and borrowers, while delivering attractive and consistent annual returns to investors. Our businesses work seamlessly to originate, underwrite, fund, and service private solutions end-to-end for borrowers and investors, ensuring an unparalleled turnkey experience.

Despite the cautious approach banks have taken since the 2008 financial crisis, we remain steadfast in our commitment to bridging the gap in the market and providing unmatched lending opportunities, while striving to continuously improve and evolve our services to meet the ever-changing needs of our clients and investors.

Over $1 Billion in Investments

6% to 14% Annualized Return

Over 1,200 Mortgages Under Administration

$340 Million in Assets Under Administration

Experience the Allstate Capital Difference

Quick & Efficient

Speed up form submissions and approvals. Our platforms are intuitive and efficient.

Mortgage Services

Partnered lenders with unique solutions.

Custom Terms

We offer tailored, flexible borrowing solutions.

Exceptional service, start to finish.

Expect personalized service from start to finish.

Ethical and transparent lending practices

We value honesty and transparency, setting us apart with creative solutions.

Real Estate Services

Partnered Real Estate Agents with over 20 years of experience.

Private Lending Tailored to Your Needs

Allstate Capital is the undisputed leader of Canada’s private lending industry, offering a lending experience based on fairness and transparency that borrowers can trust. As an industry leader in alternative lending and investment, Allstate Capital has facilitated the distribution of over $1 billion in private mortgage funds for Canadians since 2015. Whether you don’t fit traditional lending parameters or you’re an investor looking for first-rate, real estate-backed mortgages, Allstate Capital is the perfect lifeline to help you achieve your financial goals.

Learn How To Make 6%-14% Annualized Returns

Investing your money is a wise financial decision, yet it can prove overwhelming for individuals unfamiliar with the available options and strategies. Our team can help. We offer expert guidance to help generate annual returns of 6%-14% on your investment. Our seasoned professionals will lead you through the process, presenting you with strategies to enhance portfolio diversification and informed decision making. With our assistance, you can seize control of your financial future and achieve the returns you deserve. Don’t delay any further in taking charge of your wealth. Contact us today to experience firsthand how we can help maximize your investments for a secure financial future.

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